River-Wave Info

Jianglang Technology Co.,Ltd headquartered in Jinshan District of Shanghai, with more than 120 employees and 2 manufacturing base. It has branch offices in Pudong District of Shanghai and Chengdu. It has been continuously granted as the “High-Tech Enterprise” and “Credit Company” every year.

We have department for independent design and innovation, we have skillful worker teams with strong ability for precision machining, we have tight cooperation with Shanghai universities.

we mainly produce Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump, Electric Diaphragm Pump, and Pump Systems Complete, Regulating Valve, Control Valve, Sequencing Valve, ect.

The pumps and valves have been granted more than 40 patents. Shanghai Jianglang participated in setting norms and standards for technical specification for pneumatic diaphragm pumps in petrochemical industry (SH/T 3191-2017). Besides, Shanghai Jianglang obtains necessary certificates such as TS.A National Manufacturing License, CE, ATex and so on.